Jeniekart is a leading organic products company that is dedicated to providing high-quality, natural and organic products to consumers. Founded with the goal of promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, Jeniekart has quickly become a trusted source for those seeking to live a healthier and more eco-friendly life.

Why Choose Jeniekart

Jeniekart is an Indian company founded in 2020 during the lockdown, with the goal of delivering organic food and beverage solutions to the country’s people. The company started with the sale of tea, but has plans to expand its product line. Jeniekart sources authentic ingredients from farms across India to ensure the customers receive the best clean nutrition. The company is committed to supporting individuals who aim to improve their well-being and offers wholesome wellness with 100% organic products.
Our values include health and wellness, sustainability, and transparency. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible shopping experience and to educating them about the benefits of organic products.

Jeniekart offers a wide range of organic products including tea and honey. All of our products are carefully selected to meet our high standards and are certified organic. Our services include fast and reliable shipping, a 30-day return policy, and 24/7 customer support. Whether you’re a first-time shopper or a seasoned customer, Jeniekart is the perfect place to find the organic products you need to live a healthier and more sustainable life.


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Vision of Jeniekart

The Aim Of Jeniekart is to serve an organic and natural product to our country’s people and we truly believe that everyone is capable of more, hence we are dedicated to supporting everyone who aspires to be a better version of themselves. To avoid the use of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colours and allergens, We focus only on the purest ingredients from Indian farms. Not Only This, 

We Also develop products that combine ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with contemporary food to give you the benefits of both worlds. More than just tea and other items, the Genicart ecosystem offers holistic wellness that is 100% organic to keep you motivated and help you in your quest for betterment.

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Journey Of Jeniekart-
Mr Nitin Tomar says that he came from a farmer’s background and knows all the natural resources to serve the country’s people. The Journey of Starting jeniekart began in 2020 where we found a significant gap in the Indian market at the time of the Lockdown. At that time, We decided to deliver organic food and beverages solutions to our country’s people, which is majorly used in homes. And we came up with an idea of selling tea from where we have started our own brand that is jeniekart.

Our goal at jeniekart.com is to always make it easy for customers to purchase their favourite food items. We recognise that it can be difficult for you to get the fresh foods of your choice because of your busy schedule. We had the idea to launch JenieKart since we could easily see a need for it. Now we started with India’s most consumed product “Tea” and many more products are coming soon in the product line to boost up “health is wealth” concepts.


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Jeniekart is committed to supporting every single person who wants to be a better version of themselves – because the Jeniekart family firmly believes that there’s more to everyone. Staying away from preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colours, and allergens – Jeniekart sources the most authentic ingredients from farms across the India. This ensures that you get the best Clean Nutrition to live an active life. Combining thousands of years of Ayurvedic wisdom and Modern-day foods – Jeniekart creates products that give you the benefits of both the sciences. Jeniekart complete ecosystem offers more than tea & other products – wholesome wellness with 100% organic to keep you motivated and to help you on your journey of being better. Jeniekart products are widely used in the health & Organic industry and are known for their superior quality and effectiveness.