What Is The Healthiest Type of Honey?
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What is the healthiest type of honey?

As we all know honey is known as a natural sweetener or taste enhancer. And it is easily available in the market. What’s the first image that pops into your mind when you go shopping for the healthiest kind of honey? I am sure you think a red darkish honey texture is pure. But that red darkish honey is really pure? Today, there are 300 varieties of honey available in the market and only some of them are pure. What is the healthiest type of honey in your opinion? Here is a guide about what is the healthiest type of honey and how you can choose the best honey. 

Types Of Healthiest Honey Which One Is The Healthiest?

There are multiple types of honey available in the market which claim to be genuine depending on their sources, but in reality they are not pure and natural only some of the honey is pure and natural. Here are some honey which is considered one of healthiest honey. Let’s explore some Healthiest honey which has multiple health benefits. Scroll down for all the information about the healthiest type of honey!

Multifloral Honey

Bees collect nectar from different flowers. Bee boxes are kept at different places according to the season of flowers, which gives us the taste of flowers or nectar in different seasons. Multifloral honey is considered one of the best kinds of honey because it contains the antibacterial properties of multiple flowers. Multifloral honey helps to boost metabolism, heal ulcers and wounds, and is also used for skin problems. 

Wild Forest Honey

Wild Forest Honey is made from the wild forest plant. Honey bees collect nectar from wild forest plants. Wild forest honey contains anti-allergic properties which help to boost immunity and reduce inflammation in the body. 

Himalayan Honey

Himalayan honey comes straight from the beehives of the tea situated at the Himalayan foothills. This honey is a great natural energy source and it is rich in taste and aroma with multiple health benefits. This honey is rich in vitamin C, calcium, iron, potassium, and zinc. Regular consumption of honey helps to promote digestive health and boost the immune system. It is very good for your skin. You can use wild honey to treat acne and premature aging. 

Jamun Honey

India is the second largest producer of jamun in the world. Jamun honey is unique in its taste because of its tinge of bitterness. The low glycemic index makes it suitable even for diabetics. It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, fibre, magnesium and potassium. It is good for high blood pressure, prevents tooth decay. This monofloral honey inhibits ulcers and prevents cancer. 

All these four honey are considered the healthiest honey. You can choose any one of them by knowing their health benefits. 

How to Choose the Healthiest Honey

As we all know honey is available today in almost every grocery shop in different flavours. Among all the honeys you may be confused in choosing the best and healthiest honey. Mention below is the suggestion on which type of honey you should buy.   

Go For Raw Honey 

Always go for raw honey. This is The first thing you should keep in your mind that your honey should be raw. You should choose raw honey because it is free from added sugar and preservatives. Raw honey are more nutrients as compare to regular honey because they do not have to go through the pasteurization process and hence they do not lose their natural nutrients. So, Unfiltered and Raw is the healthiest type of honey. 

Always Read the labels Carefully 

It is important to read your labels carefully. You should know what are the ingredients used in that honey which you are thinking of buying. Always buy Honey from a trusted brand and we advised that if you are buying a specific brand you should already know about their procedures of making honey. 

Choose Glass Jar Honey

Try to prefer glass jar of honey instead of plastic containers because plastic container honey may have a short shelf life as compared to glass jar honey. One fact about honey is that it is the only food which does not spoil if it is kept properly in an airtight container. So avoid spoiling your honey, keep it and buy it in an airtight container. 

Recognizing Quality Indicators 

Don’t go for its dark color and texture directly. Trying to buy creamy honey which is 100% pure and raw honey. Creamer honey has a richer texture, is thicker, and has a pleasant aroma. 

Factors Affecting Honey’s Healthiness

We know that appearance of honey matters but it is not the only factor to consider honey is pure. There are several methods used to evaluate the quality of honey such as sugar, pollen content and many more. Qualities of honey vary depending on the region and type of floral but here are some of the most common attributes.


The colour of honey depends on its floral source and processing method. Light-coloured honey is usually mild in flavour and dark colour honey is stronger and has a complex flavour. Generally creamy texture honey is considered 100% raw and pure. 

Aroma and Flavour

Generally flavour and aroma of honey depends on its region and floral source but a strong and pleasant aroma and flavour of honey is considered the healthiest type of honey. 

Sugar Composition

Sugar composition in honey matters a lot. It can affect its texture, taste and viscosity. Honey which has higher fructose content is generally considered the healthiest type of honey. Higher fructose honey contains natural sugar and there is no chance to add regular sugar for taste. 

Pollen Source

Pollen source is the only factor by which honey is classified as different types. The pollen source honey can vary depending on its origin. 

Processing Method Used By Beekeeper

The processing method is also very important. How does the beekeeper process honey safely? This factor is important because if the honey is pasteurised more it can lose its essential nutrients. So, the processing method is important. We advised you to choose raw honey instead of buying regular honey. Raw honey is more pure than regular.   

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, there are many types of honey available in the market but you should buy pure and organic honey only after getting the information about your honey. We recommend that if you really want to use raw honey, you should contact the beekeepers directly. They will provide you 100% raw and pure honey. If beekeepers are not available, you can buy honey by gathering some information about your favourite brand.

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